Mitigation update for Air Canada CSSA members

Mitigation update for Air Canada CSSA members

May 26, 2020 at 2:15 PM


The Union continues discussions and is experiencing pushback with the employer concerning mitigation including VLOA’s, VSP’s, reduced workweek and other options to minimize the impact and protect members’ employment while allowing Air Canada to recover from COVID-19. Air Canada has offered Unifor members two mitigation options: sever from the company, or take a leave of absence. The deadline for these options has been extended and will close on Tuesday, May 26th at 2000 ET. Details of these options are available via your Air Canada company email.

We continue to discuss the number of CSSA members required once the new abridged summer flying schedule begins. The company has already stated that they will commence a flight schedule to nearly 100 destinations in Canada, the United States and around the world, with more destinations and routes expanding in the coming months.



12.04.09: An employee who is relocated to another location within the base in the same status in accordance with Article 10.10.01 and who submits a valid application to transfer back to their previous location in accordance with Article 12.01, shall not be subject to the time limitations provided for in Articles (now numbered as and and 12.01.03 (revised in new collective agreement), however, all other provisions shall apply.



The subsidy will allow the employer to re-hire workers laid off as a result of COVID-19. The program provides employers a subsidy of 75% of an employee’s wage (to a to a maximum of $847 weekly) for up to 24 weeks, retroactive from March 15, 2020. The program was recently extended to August 29, 2020. However, Air Canada has advised that they will not continue the program for those they do not anticipate requiring to work in the next few months.



Many members have been inquiring about the release of the Unifor 2002 / Air Canada collective bargaining agreement – which was ratified on March 15, 2020. Normally the agreement should be published within six months. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the review and printing of the new agreement has been delayed. We are aiming to have an electronic copy of the agreement placed on our website in October. The Bargaining Committee will advise the members on the delivery date for the printed copies into the workplaces.



Air Canada has launched the CleanCare+ program. The new measures are being implemented at check-in, lounges, boarding, and on-board aircraft to keep you and customers safe. Details of the program are available at



If you have recently moved or updated your telephone number(s), it is your responsibility to ensure that Air Canada has the most up to date information on file. Please provide any changes via the HR Connex Home Page under the section “Personal Information change” or contact the Employee Care Team at 1-833-847-3675. Please ensure Unifor Local 2002 also has your most up to date information on file by notifying our office at 1-888-226-8885 or via the website at



Even though the economy is starting to open up, the aviation sector has been slow to respond. Many borders remain closed and customer confidence must be restored. Pandemic information is constantly changing which further impacts the trajectory of how quickly the economy will open up. Public Health and the Unifor websites – and – will continue to provide information that will help you navigate through COVID-19 and assist with work-related questions.


In solidarity,

Your Air Canada Bargaining Committee
Frances Galambosy, Central Region, Chairperson
Tammy Moore, Atlantic Region
Benoit Lapointe, Eastern Region
Joanne Goulet, Western Region
Steve Murphy, Pacific Region
Euila Leonard, President Unifor Local 2002
Leslie Dias, Unifor Director – Airlines Sector



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